Thursday, September 16, 2010

AI Delight!!!

Was at the airport and jobless!!!! AI has a real easy check-in process..the check-in bags were scanned well enough..was made to show that the electronic device that I carried along was a curling iron..nice helpful people around(good that I get 2 meet a lot of them) a through check-in to B’lore.. so nothing much to do in Hyderabad.. just sit around and watch people/crap talk..AI has a better way than the developed country policies at screening people during security check-in..just had to walk through- belt, rings, watch, bangles et al..and then, a lady(P.S. I jus substituted lady for female!!! The Navy is getting on my nervesssszzz!!!;):D) scans you wit that electronic thingy..and for every beep, you just have to show her the cause!! Cool, huh?.. no stripping down..and no losing out on stuff..customer delight- yes!!!..but would take lots of man power at a busy port.No wonder d US of A doesn’t want this..;)

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