Saturday, February 18, 2012

Cucumber & cottage cheese (/paneer) rolls...

I was browsing through Closetcooking & liked this. Had some French cucumbers & so thought that i'd try them out though cucumber was the only ingredient that i used from the original. I just added stuff in my kitchen as i went along. Makes for a really refreshing & light starter.. hmmmmm did i say quick & real easy? ;)
You need:
2 young cucumbers - seedy ones wont do
For the filling, i used-
cottage cheese/paneer (made this using 1 lemon for 0.5 lt of milk for extra flavor)
a handful on finely chopped mint leaves
1 or 2 fresh red chillies - finely chopped
zest of 1 lemon & more lemon juice if desired
salt & pepper to taste
toothpicks to secure the rolls
1 tsp oregano
1 tsp cheese spread

How to:
Wash & use a mandolin to slice the cucumber lengthwise, into strips. Keep aside.
Crumble the cottage cheese & mix all the ingredients mentioned above. Check for taste. Drop some filling (about a tsp or more depending on the breath of the cucumber strip) on one end of the strip. Start rolling along with the filling & secure with a toothpick at the end as seen in the pik. Once all the rolls are done, place them on a plate & sprinkle lightly with salt & pepper. SeRvE! :)

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