Thursday, September 25, 2008

The RIMS Travelogue

A fun filled weekend with my first project team... Hmmmn.. the best team ever!!! :)...
Wake up calls by Chetan and Sharath at 5:15 a.m. – not something that we wanted on a Saturday morning!!! After debates on amusement parks, nearby picnic spots et al, we had zeroed on Jog falls and Kemmangundi (a hill station).
We started off in a Tempo Traveler with a driver who could give Formula1 serious competition! Sonal and Renjith’s first ever project outing!
We reached the majestic Jog and were welcomed with glimpses of the falls with a major part covered with mist. Returning back from lunch, the mist had cleared and the view was awesome. The earlier decision of not tumbling down the slippery path to reach the bottom of the 829ft falls was forgotten. We reached the bottom fighting the rain, a stop here, a ‘wow’ there. The mist, the sound of rushing water and amazing feel of just being there! Dripping from head to toe, we headed back, after spending considerable time clicking away! Heading back- a climb that made Gayatri & me go on just with the comfort of losing those extra kilos! :)

Going downhill, gobbling snacks all the way and finishing it off with the much awaited steaming cup of coffee, we got ready for hop shopping. The soggy shoes had left us with no option but to buy some footwear. We ended up hopping from shop to shop wanting to get a similar pair for everyone – and we did succeed! :) The RIMS souvenir of a memorable trip.
We spent the night at Sharath’s place (with Anuj choosing to catch on some sleep and the others chit chatting for a loooong time). We were treated to a hearty breakfast by his mom the next day.
From there we headed towards Kemmangundi, a hill station. Trekking along K.R. hills was made more adventurous by the leeches. Armed by our newly acquired slippers and a combination of coconut oil and salt as leech repellents, we headed towards Shanthi falls.
The picturesque view urged us to make it to the top. The breathtaking view and the ghastly force of the wind- a deadly combination which made us explore more!
This was where we shot Devi’s debut album (sans heroine ;)) and Murali’s (RIMS very own Rajni) action video J With cautions to the leaner ones to fill their jackets with stones so that they wouldn’t be gone with the wind ;), we started our 'slipper'-y climb down.
It had begun to rain again. By now, everyone had decided that there was no point stopping for shelter- we would just end up being hangouts for leeches.
Post lunch, we reached Kallathgiri falls. An unexplored waterfall at the top of a hill which flows a long distance and forms a smaller fall. A beautiful temple has been carved from the rocks here.
We started on our way back after a snack. The greenery on either sides of the road was whizzing past.
Our racer was nursing his ego, trying to catch up with a vehicle that overtook us. By now, Sutejas had decided that shifting from the front seat would save him from nightmares. We reached Mysore with a treasure of fun filled memories set against a postcard backdrop.


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