Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Eureka! I can cook!!! :)

(Not going home on weeknds) + (the stove's vessel support becoming defective) -->> can be injurious to health… :o///
Proof attached.. poor me... :o(

The pik might look like some crazy husband has injured his wife for dowry.. ;o) but everytime I see the mark on my hand, it reminds me of the day I discovered that I could cook some edible stuff. I got so carried away with the discovery of my hidden talent that I prepared breakfast, lunch & dinner. My roommates, real sweethearts that they were, not only managed to gulp it down but showered me with compliments too!!! Miss u gals!!! :)
Took the pik ASAP so that I could show it to mom & get some extra attention.. ;o) Just love the way she fusses over these things.. Missing all that now...


viz said...

n now U knw y this pic's shown up here...... "ATTENTION ppl" - pathos eh?
sorry! tat dint impress me MUCH! ;)
n d foto too seems no REAL to me! does it? ;)

KayTee said...

hard hearted person tat u r!!! huh!! ;)
nyways.. d pik was meant to grab mom's attention n not urs.. :P
Guess u'd better stop morphin too many piks.. not REAL?..!! hmph!!!! u gotta C d mark itz left!!(do tat soon- b4 it all fades away!)