Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Snowtym Wishlist! ;)

Itz SNOWIN”!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D
I’ve waited for this forever & during this wait time, automatically made up a list of things I wanted to do when it snowed!
A few of tem I did & a few I couldn’t 'coz of the limited snow. But before winter ends, I’m gonna try to make sure that this list will no longer be labeled ‘to-do’… :)

Penning down most of them if not all!... :) So here goes-
- FEEL snow.. I mean hold and feel it & see how long it takes to melt on almost equally cold hands
- Eat it… err.. d snow I mean & not the hands! ;)
- Walk on a frozen lake
- Make snow balls n throw them with all my strength at any available breathing target (Slytherin ended up as the bait here)
- Stuff a breathing target with snow & watch the target shudder n scream (Snig was the target here but I must admit that I got back equally with a nail scratch as bonus!)
- Make a snowman, snowwoman & snow kid .. Hmmn.. guess I should have just used the word family!
- Gather snow, make it into a ball, poke a stick through to make it look like a lolly & add some fruity syrup on top n slurp slrup.. ;)
- Scoop some snow into a bowl, add some fruity syrup on top n then slurp again! Something like a snow cone?.. Dunno if thatz how it would be! Never had one! But wanna try this! :)
- Make a teeny weenie snowman and keep him in the freezer (Snow'man' intentional. I wouldn’t be able to torture anybody of the same gender ;) & anyways, since the female of the species is relatively ‘hot’, it wouldn’t stay frozen for long!)
- Write on snow fallen over my car and take pictures (the pictures part is still pending)
- Go for a walk when it is snowing
- Wade through knee deep snow
- Snow tube & ski which show up in the basic 'to-do-lists' of almost everybody!
- Skate with shoes.. as in just glide along like we would do in school corridors with our sports shoes
- Turn on the heater, curled up cozy and with a mug of coffee, read a novel with the blinds pulled open so that every time I look out of the window, I see the snow fall.
- Or just replace the novel above with good music! :) the novel gets brownie points, though!
- Would have loved to have a fireplace to set the Christmas mood- something that I’ve grown up believing in, but since this is not feasible, I can do without it! :D


viz said...

U know how to put all those thoughts into words.
"prosopopoeia" - can i say.. not really.. bt does add life to Ur ideas... keep it goin!
hope terz no more "to-do" items on Ur wishlist by d end of tis winter.

KayTee said...

Thnx! :)
Ter shud be more i guess.. ;) ;)
Just wrote down d ones tat crossed my mind when I put tem 2gthr!! :) U'll b a target too.. hopefully!! :D