Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The fort of the 'Pepper Queen'

A fort at Mirjan, hidden from the view of sandy-eyed tourists heading towards Goa.
This beautiful fort is located just 1km off the NH 17 (a left turn by the side of the fish market) at Mirjan, which is located 8 kms away from Kumta enroute Goa. The drawback? Lack of information at the site, though it is now being renovated by the ASI.
So, here goes-
"The Fort at Mirjan was constructed during A.D 1608-1640. Excavation conducted at the site during the field season 2000-01 has unearthed a number of laterite structures of medieval period . The structural remains include a U shaped structure with a cloister all around. Towards the west of the U shaped structures, a circular soakage pit constructed of dressed laterite stones and water tank connected with water carrier were exposed. Among the antiquities mention may be made of a unique gold coin issued in A.D. 1652 by the Portuguese Viceroy Conde De Sarzedas during the rule of JOAO IV. The other antiquities include canon balls, Chinese Porcelain, clay tablets with Islamic inscriptions."
Intrigued by the 'Pepper Queen'?!... Read on @ http://southcanara.blogspot.com/2009/06/mirjan-fort-tribute-to-pepper-queen.html

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