Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Names can be deceptive!

A deviation on NH-5 before Khurda, Orissa takes you to Puri. The road is named "Jagannath New Sadak". Anything 'New' about this road ends just as you start on the same. A nightmare and more if you are traveling by this route after cyclonic showers. Added to this misery, we were here at night. Armed with an atlas, we braved a stretch of what will probably be the worst-road-traveled in all our trips. We bumped on never ending potholes...ahem- I'd say potpools which could pass as arenas for mud wrestling. Came across a couple of people walking along the route, their backs slathered with mud. If mud packs are to be believed, their butts must have had a great time! A tired & distraught Tims, worrying that Eva might end up with multiple punctures and me, a saucer-eyed navigator, vowed never to fall for fancy names ever again!
Note: the decision to take this road was not just that of the navigator. The driver enthused about it too! ;)

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