Friday, June 17, 2011

Paneer @home...

Making paneer at home is so much more simpler than buying it from the store and constantly worrying if it is healthy for your family...n itz softer too! :)
You need-
0.5 lt milk (Serves well for a nuclear family’s meal)
vinegar or lime juice
Herez how!
Once the milk comes to boil, start adding the vinegar (or lime juice – your pick) little by little, stirring continuously. I just pour directly from the bottle.
Keep stirring & adding till you get a crumbly texture. The water will have a pale greenish hue when done (as in pic). Drain this using a cloth, run cold water through it (makes for easier handling), tie it up real tight and hang for about an hour. Open up and crumble / cut into cubes or as desired. Should stay upto a week in the fridge.
- If you are using lime, make sure it is deseeded before use.
- Keep stirring, else you might end up with a charred bottom.
- Since it is already ‘cooked’ add the paneer in your dish at the very end. Over cooking will harden it.
Recipe Source: Sonali... :)

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