Saturday, April 21, 2012

Grape mousse... :)

Been wanting to try this mousse for about an year now & so rushed into making them when the first batch of black grapes hit the market. Been sitting in my drafts since.. posting this before the grapes go back to being scarce! :)
This recipe has two parts - the base & a glaze. Best served in a glass dish to show off the vibrant colors! :) * * * For the base * * *
You need:
250 gm black grapes - seedless
200 gm cream - i used Amul
1/2 tin sweetened condensed milk (taste & add more if desired)
4 tsp gelatin
1.5 cup water + more to dissolve the gelatin

Boil the grapes in 1.5 cups water & let it cool. Blend this into a smooth paste and run it through a sieve. Reserve 1/2 cup grape extract for the glaze.
To the rest of the grape juice extracted, add in the lightly beaten cream, condensed milk and mix well. To this, add the gelatin dissolved completely in 1/2 a cup of warm water. I used an electric beater to combine all this. Now pour this into a serving dish - i used shot glasses. Leave enough place to top the mousse with the glaze.
Let this rest in the refrigerator for about an hour or two. Prepare the glaze once the mousse has set.

* * * For the glaze * * *
You need:
1 tsp gelatin
1/2 cup grape juice (reserved initially)
sugar - according to taste

To the warmed up grape juice, add in the gelatin and mix well till it dissolves completely. Add in the sugar according to taste, let the mixture cool & then, top the mousse. The mousse would have been set by now & so you will end up with two distinct layers. Return it to the fridge till the glaze sets - about an hour should do.
ScOoP n EnJoY!!!! :)

Adapted from a recipe here & the lazy-me made quite a few changes, using it as a guideline. :)


Rucha said...

the best thing about your blog is you mention what brand you have used.(amul butter)
it makes so easy!

thank you. love you always

KayTee said...

Jus saw ur comment! Thnx soooo soooo much! :)
Miss u guys!!! wish u wer here!