Saturday, April 7, 2012

Chicken MisCuzi!! ;)

Yeah - a totally made up name & dish! Herez how the dish was named...
R came over for dinner - a really sweet person who sings, plays the guitar, paints & is sooo much fun to have around! T & R have this sudden bursts of 'Yo' n 'MisCuzi' when they greet each other. Was serving up some starters when R asked me what i'd just served - i didn't really know 'coz i'd just put in a few things together. So now, they had to name the dish - what else but Chicken Miscuzi? ;) :D
Herez what i put in...
Served a dollop of cheesy-chicken topped on spiced crackers. I used cheese & chilli crackers, which by itself had some intense seasoning - 'coz of which i didn't really need to spice up the chicken.
For the chicken topping...
Boil the chicken in water with a big pinch of salt for about 20min. Drain the water, let it cool & separate the bones. In a blender, pulse the chicken(just 2 or 3 whirls will do) with a tablespoon of cheese spread to hold it together. You could use any flavored cheese spread - i used plain. Now transfer this into a piping bag and refrigerate.
To serve:
On each cracker, pipe out a dollop of the chilled prepared topping & serve. A light & easy starter.. :)

>> Just so you have an idea of the amount of chicken required - for about 50gm of crackers(check your pack) you need just one chicken drumstick.
>> Feel free to add more spices(crushed pepper/ chilly flakes etc) to the chicken if you are using some bland crackers.
>> Sonali suggested this topping as a sandwich filler & it tastes YuMmmmm!!! :)

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