Saturday, November 26, 2011

Orange juice - Spiced :)

Citrous-y fruits bring back memories of truckloads of ridiculously huge, thick skinned oranges from our estate. I haven't seen oranges that size since then! The reason for chopping down those trees is over-ridden by the orange-memory-spell..was probably owing to some ridiculous pests or the coffee plants had too much shade(?).. I don't really remember!
Anyways, we sometimes had the juicy segments dipped in a mix of salt-&-chilly-powder. Sluuurrrppp!!! :)

Last week, T n me were gloomily glued on to the idiot-box with sore-throats & fever, eyeing the orange heap on our table. The fever had made us lazy & instead of peeling the oranges, de-stoning & dipping each segment in the salt & chilly mix, we made some juice & added salt & chilly powder to it. A hassle free no-ice spice drink! ;) Not sure if it worsened our throats, but sure made us happy! :D
Btw, doesn't the peel look like a Mc D's logo?... ;)


antinfinity said...

:) lets name it "orange insanity" :)

KayTee said...

'ant' wud obviously find 'spices' insane! :P :P