Thursday, November 24, 2011

Parathas with chopped radish leaves & shredded coconut

We got some garden grown radish leaves from a neighbour n woooowwww!!! They were fresh, crunchy & I almost hugged them! ;)
I've never cooked with radish leaves before but after a little experiment, I am a FAN! :) Had mixed the leaves with the flour & was looking around the kitchen to see if anything else could go in. Chanced upon some freshly grated coconut & in they went!
You need:
for 1 cup wheat flour/atta,
half a cup finely chopped radish leaves
half a cup freshly grated coconut
chilly flakes as per taste
salt as per taste
warm water for kneading
1 tbsp oil
How to:
Mix all the above ingredients except water & oil. Slowly add the water, simultaneously mixing in the ingredients. Add the oil and continue kneading till it becomes smooth, pliable & comes together. Cover and set aside for about half an hour.
Roll out parathas from the dough & fry the parathas on a griddle or tava. Serve the parathas hot with raita & pickle. Enjoy! :)

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