Saturday, January 28, 2012

Banana fritters...

These yummy, easy to make fritters are called 'Baale Nurk' in Coorg. Baale meaning banana & Nurk meaning to-squash. This snack is made by squashing bananas into a pulp - hence the name. :)
These are one of T's favorites & never fail to plaster an euphoric grin whenever they are made!
You need:
2 ripe bananas - Cavendish works great
all purpose flour (maida)
sugar to taste - optional (see pointers)
1 tsp sesame seeds - optional
oil for frying
How to:
Heat enough oil in a wok for deep frying. Meanwhile, rub the bananas between your palms, pressing lightly before they are peeled. This way, the bananas are pulpy when you peel them. Add the AP flour using tbsp measure, slowly folding in. The measure of flour would vary depending on the ripeness of the banana. Add & fold in alternately till you reach a pakora consistency. The batter should not be runny. Add the sesame seeds if required.
Once the oil is heated enough (a test drop of the batter should rise up immediately when dropped into the oil), drop bite-sized batter into the oil. I use a teaspoon to drop the batter - a non messier option. Lower the flame and keep turning the fritters over till they are a shade darker than golden-brown.
Drain over a paper towel & dive in! :) You could store them in the fridge - tastes great when served cold too! To re-heat, run them in the microwave for about 20seconds.
>> Ensure that you pick up really ripe bananas which are almost squishy.. the fritters taste better. This is when the bananas are the sweetest & so you wouldn't need to add sugar. Sugar blackens the fritters easily.
>> Needs to be cooked on a low flame. Else the fritters will be burnt outside, leaving the insides under-cooked.
>> If you have some spare(?!) batter & need to finish up soon, herez what you could do! :)

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