Monday, January 9, 2012

Dream 'oracles'?.. ;)

Ever had one of these?...
A recurring dream from which u awaken tired & wasted! My frequent ones are falling into a dung-ditch at my gran's place. Though this has never happened in reality, (i did cross check with my gran if i'd fallen into it during my tot-years - which BTW was a no;) ), i seem to have the same dream again-n-again & wake up with the same alarming 'dhud' every time i fall in! But now, I'm like WTH & go right back to sleep, comforted that i don't have to wash off the stench. Though it does leave me a little hazed, it doesn't get anywhere near my sleep-runs or the sleep-fights. I have these never ending dream runs after which i wake up in the morning, tired. The fights are one-on-many. Me being the 'one'. Well, i obviously am the good guy & i still wonder what i fight for! ;) They have never reached completion though frequent fight haunts are some dark attic with great wood work. Sashes, swords & high ceiling jumps in fight robes. No bullets whizzing past! These dreams leave me frazzled & drained n ofcourse confused - though later during the day i have a faint smile building up!
T found all this amusing & wacky till one fine day, i woke up in the midst of a 'fight' and found my hands wrapped tightly around his neck. Guess who had the last laugh? ;)
P.S.: left me paranoid too.. but guess T felt worse! ;)
Do i wish for a dream-catcher?.. Naaaah...occasionally, these adrenaline-dream-rushes are way too much fun to be traded for a good night's sleep i guess! ;)
In the pik: a multi-exposure collage of some clothes on a drying line & an early morning click at Gopalswamy hills, Mysore.


aiyappa said...

Posted at 2:30 am

aiyappa said...

At 2:30 AM no doubt you are writing
about dreams!!.

KayTee said...

u r just jealous tat u don't have 'em!!! :P
... & i know y!! all d honey around s ensurin' tat u hav nly swt drmz!! :P :P ;)