Saturday, January 28, 2012

Girls-night-out... with gran! :)

My gran is a sweetheart! She is my maternal grandmom & doesn't let age of all things come in the way. She rode a rope-way car with a girlish grin while my mom ooooh-ed & aaaah-ed about T & me putting her mom in turmoil. I'm sure gran would love to sky-dive too! ;) parents & gran had come over to stay at our place for a fortnight. For as long as i can remember, whenever gran was home, i snuggled next to her & we shared our secrets. The night T had to stay at work, I was just getting ready to snuggle in - my parents were already asleep - which was when a tiny creepy-crawly got in through the sink. There are snakes around in the green bordering our house & so me & my partner-in-crime decided to kill it. I think it was a tiny snake - it was black, shiny & slithery - but I am still not sure if it was a snake! So we'll just call it 'the thing'. I did not want to take a risk with the reptile using the now-familiar-route again! What if I was alone the next time, right?
So, we got ready... gran with poor eye-sight, without her glasses, armed with bathroom slippers & smacking away at the culprit. I did mention poor eye-sight & without glasses, right? - she hit every place around 'the thing' but never on - this went on for a few minutes with me whisper-screaming (ugh- whats that???!!!...i didn't want to wake up my parents who were already asleep - & so had to whisper my screams!) Did I forget to say that gran's hearing is bad at times? Well, this was one of those times! So with instructions from me that could not be of any help, my sweetheart gran finally nailed 'the thing'.

Ever heard of a snake's other half taking revenge? Well, i sure did! Wouldn't want to risk an angered mom's wrath, right? So we took it out to the balcony (by then it was around 01:00 AM) and lit it - gran thought that i was being superstitious ;) I am a bit(??!!) frazzled when I am sleepy which tends to make me loony too i guess! Got me thinking of the mom sniffing out the ashes & so ran in to drop a few camphor pills into the pyre. I added some sandal wood incense sticks for good measure. By now, the wariness had given way to feeling sorry for the victim (though, I had gone through all this only to ensure that none of us would be the victims). I fell asleep hugging my gran after much more ranting. And all this while, she bore all the craziness with a smile & sat through the mindless pyre set up without complaining! Even with a generation's gap, it is always an amazing girls-night-out of endless gibberish that i reel out with my gran! LUUUUVVVVVV u, amma!!! :)


Priya said...

Hahahaha.....very nice :) so AMMA is ur partner in crime is it??? now i know why u are like tis :) he he...anyways i really missed my granny after reading this :(

KayTee said...

hehe.. Thnx, Priya!! :)
i'm missin' her too!!! .. n hey, btw- luuuuvd ur piks on d jwlry site... prettiieee as usual!! :)