Friday, March 23, 2012

A slice of my B'de cake baked by T... :)

About a month back, T had this bizarre thought of baking me a cake for my B'day... this coming from a guy who'd once asked me if he had to make noodles in a tawa or kadai!! :O He was being adorable by wanting to bake a cake.. but then, i HAD 2 supervise - else he had planned on using rice powder & was going by 'a little of this' & so on!!
He made the Choco Mocha cake, but used brown sugar instead of white & since the batter was sitting outside the oven for about 45min(thanks to the once-in-a-bluemoon power failure which chose this day!), when the cake was half-way done, we poured in about half a cup of soda(carbonated water) over it. The result - a deliciously yummmmy goooooey cake! :)
Since T came home real late & still insisted on baking the cake, i ended up cutting into a warm cake - first time ever on my B'de!!! :) He was so ecstatic about 'his' cake & the grin still remains! :)
Cakez over, though! :D


Ankit said...

cakes over and I'm sure that you would have gained 10 extra pounds as well ;)
Jokes apart...glad that u had fun :)

KayTee said...

it was a no butter cake Mnkit!!!! :P :D more like a healthy snack!! ;)

Sunil said...

hey it looks soooo yameeeeeeeeeee.... tell Tims i want a slice of this wen i am there :)

KayTee said...

he says yeeeeeesssssssss!!! :D
n hez sprouting horns too!! LARGE ones!! :O ;)